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The core of our business is our equipment. It didn’t take long to realize that having the best equipment really makes the job that much more enjoyable. After tons of research and talking with different shop owners around the nation, we found the best tools for our trade; tools that help us to do our job more efficiently and more accurately. That in turn creates a better product for our customer in a timely fashion, which makes for a happy customer. We’ll never get tired of saying that making our customers happy is our highest priority!!!

Screen Printing Press

Antec Legend – Our Pride and Joy!!
Since 1976, Antec has been committed to providing equipment solutions to the screen printing industry. Around the world thousands of companies depend on their Antec Legend printers. Antec stakes our reputation on innovative product design and development. We strive to ensure Antec equipment will continue to maximize your opportunity to succeed in the screen printing business. Trust Antec for exceptional products and outstanding support from our crew.

Patented design features in the Legend Series are engineered to yield the most accurate single and multi-head (all arms down) indexing accuracy in today’s market. The Legend delivers crisp image detail. Flawless duplication. Print after print.

Competition? There is none.

Ranar Redstar – Infrared Conveyor Drying System

Designed to cure plastisol quickly and efficiently on t-shirts, nylon jackets, jerseys, sweats, and many other garments. We use the highest quality electric infrared panels, which are adjustable in height 2 to 7 inches. By utilizing all quality components throughout the dryer, this insures maximum energy efficiency, reliability and high production rates. Backed by a strong warranty, which makes our dryers, the best value for the dollar.

Ranar LED Exposure unit – XPO2848-LED
Our Led lights have a high density bright ultraviolet lights which are optimized for the exposure of screen printing emulsions and capillary films with consistent U.V. Light. Unlike metal halide blubs that run at high temperatures, require frequent replacement and degrade over time, we designed our exposure units with Cool U.V. Light strips that never dim or require time adjustment with age. LED lights are energy efficient and have long life of over 50k hrs without loss of intensity. U.V. LED Light exposure units provide ultra fast accurate exposure times with high resolution of half-tones and crisp detail of the finest designs.