Red Ball Printing

Red Ball Printing was formed in 2007 by Tony Burnett and originally named Shirt Off Your Back Printing. Tony started screen printing as a hobby to generate a little extra income on the side, learning by watching a How-To DVD and a lot of trial and error. In 2010, he found a space to operate out of in Cedar Rapids. The business continued to operate as a side project until word spread, new customers were acquired and Tony made the decision to quit his day job in the spring of 2013 and turn this hobby into a full-time business. Now, he had to find a good location where he could operate and put a face to the business. In the winter of 2013/14, we purchased an old flood damaged gas station on the corner of 3rd St SE and 16th Ave SE. A complete restoration of the building was underway in the spring of 2014 and the doors were opened later that fall. Due to the historical significance of the building and the neighborhood, the name was changed to Red Ball Printing, after the infamous Red Ball Road that went from St. Louis to Minneapolis and through Cedar Rapids.